Grace Bible Church
Our Leadership

Pastor John Coomber

Pastor John began his ministry as pastor of Grace Bible Church in 2000. He grew up in western New York state and can't help but root for the Buffalo Bills. This has taught him the character quality of long-suffering.  Pastor John graduated from Practical Bible Training School, now Davis College, and Lancaster Bible College with degrees in Bible and Pastoral ministry. He has also taken additional studies at the Graduate School of Lancaster Bible College. 

Pastor John is committed to the exposition of God's Word through verse by verse teaching of the Scriptures. It is his heart's desire to make Scripture clearly understood and to apply it to our lives in today's uncertain and confused world.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God 
as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, 
accurately handling the word of truth"

2 Timothy 2:15  (NASB)

Nathanael Flatt

Nathanael serves with Pastor John as an elder at Grace Bible Church.  The elders at Grace have the general oversight of the church, providing spiritual leadership and direction to the congregation. They lead by example and serve with gentleness and humility as they faithfully fulfill their calling as elders.

Deacons Doug Feil & Randy Costello

Doug and Randy serve Grace Bible Church as deacons, assisting the elders in the care and administration of the church.